Digital Printing

Digital printing has become more popular in recent years. The advantages of digital printing outweigh other forms of printing. Some of the advantages of digital printing are that it is:

Cost-Effective: The cost of digital printing is much lower than other methods. With digital printing, you can choose the number of print-outs you want, allowing you to buy exactly what you need without breaking your budget.

Easily Changed: If you are not satisfied with the image in the sample, you can easily change it with minimal effort as the data is stored and updated automatically.

Consistent: Digital printing is precise and consistent. Once the image is printed and approved on the desired substrate, it is stored and can be retained for any future projects.

Variety: Digital printers use UV ink that allows printing on a variety of substrates. The colors hold fast even when used outdoors. Almost anything that fits in the printer can be printed including wood, glass, styrene and FRP.

Eco-Friendly: Digital printing does not involve pre-press procedures like offset printing. Therefore, there is no need for plates, chemicals and extra materials. It is eco-friendly because it directly prints onto the material.

Fast and Accurate: Digital printing doesn’t involve extensive set-up and preparation. You can print samples to check on color accuracy so that you are sure that you are printing exactly what you envisioned.

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