Wrap advertising is a marketing practice that partially or completely covers a vehicle in advertising. This is also described as a mobile billboard. It is accomplished by painting the outside of a vehicle with advertising information but in the 21st century, wrap advertising involves the use of decals, which are large vinyl sheets. The sheets are removable, which lessens the cost of changing the advertising and allows the decals to be placed on any size vehicle.

History of Wrap Advertising

In the past, train companies routinely painted their names and logos on the sides of boxcars or locomotives. In the latter part of the 20th century, Germany produced a vinyl vehicle wrap that could be removed without endangering the paint underneath. The first commercial advertising vehicle wrap was created for the Pepsi Company which used vinyl wrap to promote their product on a bus. As this became form of advertising became more popular, this new form of vehicle graphics became available to smaller companies and businesses. However, this form of advertising was still challenging to implement because air bubbles underneath the vinyl and premature adhesion made the process difficult.

Technology has continued to improve upon the installation of wrap graphics by the creation of vinyl that is easily repositioned and bubble-free. Legally, decals can cover side and rear windows on a vehicle, but the front windshield must remain uncovered. Many decals are perforated for use on side windows to allow passengers to see outside. An added bonus to vehicle wrapping is that it can temporarily protect the vehicle’s paint from superficial damages such as fading from sun exposure and small scratches. However, it does not protect against dings or dents or any substantial vehicle impact that would cause paint to chip.

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