You’re at a trade show or a street festival, but nobody’s walking over. Your competition has a line down the block and you’re  confused. While we hope this never happens to you, this horrific truth is all too common of an occurrence for many small businesses. But why? Well, if we take a step back and look at the situation, we might have missed that the competition has branded themselves perfectly to attract customers. This included custom banners to attract customers — see why they’re a necessity here.

custom graphix


You want people to see you from afar, don’t you? Give your potential clientele something to learn before they walk up to you; let hem know what you’re about. By the time they get to you, they’ll have an idea of what it is you’re offering them. Grabbing attention from the get-go is critical. A banner or pole banner can do this.


Let’s say someone sees your stand and walks by, telling themselves they’ll come by on the way back. But you had nothing for them to remember you by — tour chances are now that much lower because they can’t remember what it was they wanted to stop for. If they can’t find you out of the crowd, they won’t stop. Especially if you’re in a line with a dozen or so other vendors. Good luck with that. By placing bright branded signs in these areas, the people who are interested will eventually make their way back to you, once they’re found.

If branding yourself has become a daunting task, turn it over to the professionals! Chief graphix has been helping businesses with their custom signage for years.  Whether you’re looking for small signs or a full scale branding kit, we’re here to help cater to any needs you may have!

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