Sometimes in business, getting the word out can be harder than it seems. Especially in service based industries, sometimes any form of advertising — whether it be mobile or on-site, can be your best friend. With custom graphics however, the game has changed. These additions to your workforce can provide ample opportunities to showcase your business wherever you go, and however you please, as long as the sign sticks.

Commerical Magnetic Signs


Sending out your trucks for a day on the job is great, and signs can help advertise your company while you work. If you only have a few trucks in the fleet out at one time, investing in magnetic signs is a great way to utilize the specific needs for your business. When you’re driving around town in the truck and not working, you don’t have to worry about being a moving billboard, as the sign can be removed. This is beneficial for those who take their cars home at night, or use personal vehicles to complete the work.


Machinery is another great way to advertise with a magnetic sign. Instead of forking over the funds to have each one outfitted with company logos and text, you can slap a magnetic sign on the one you’ll be using for the day. Because they’re interchangeable, this makes it cost efficient, and just as effective as anything else — it’s just removable!

Additionally, magnetic signs can be great to use on fridges, and even flat metal barriers separating exclusive areas. The versatility of such signs proves extremely effective and provides a number of beneficial applications!

At Chief Graphix, we know that custom signage is key for expressing your business, which is why we are dedicated to providing the best solutions in custom graphics. To learn more about how we can help, call 516-883-SIGN today or visit us on the web.

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