There are a few places where businesses warrant 3-D signs — do you have one? Oftentimes, it’s desired by newer companies to create something that screams ‘modern’ while also retaining function, but they don’t know what to do. There are a ton of things that companies focus on, but three-dimensional signage isn’t typically one of them. Contrary to belief, they might be the missing link between old-school and modern appeal!


  • Think about outdated signs. Does it grab your attention, or does it look like every sign beside it? If you’re a business in a high competition area, something is going to need to set you apart from Joe Schmo down the street. His old, tattered sign won’t fair well when compared with a company whose sign is brand new.
  • They’re versatile. In an office, or on the outside of a building, 3-D is in. It looks new, and it’s fun. Many business wish to create a morale-boosting feeling for their clients, and for their employees. Presenting them with bright, almost interactive looking signage is something that aids in this — even if it is only subconscious.
  • Possibilities are endless. 3-D signs can be handled in many ways. Whether you’re hanging lights above them or illuminating them from the inside, there are a ton of ways to use them to grab attention. Maybe you want each one a different color, or maybe you’re looking to just be different. A 3-D sign is the way to go.

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