If you’re launching or rebranding your business, chances are you need to make decisions about color somewhere down the line. Depending on what you want your brand to represent, choosing the right colors for your brand is part of being successful.

Colors play an important role in marketing because they stir up a variety of emotions in customers that can help to motivates purchases. Below are some of the top colors that are known to increase sales and have an impact on your customers:

Choosing Colors to Generate More Sales

Red – Often the most popular color in marketing because it easily grabs attention. Red is the color of power and has a way of exciting customers, thus inviting them to explore your brand.

Blue – The color of trust and responsibility, making it a common choice for technological and financial brands on the market.

Green – A warm and inviting color. Many eco-friendly and health brands opt for green because it represents health and wellness. Although it’s a calming hue, it also represents wealth – the reason why financial brands gravitate towards this color as well.

Yellow – The color of confidence and creativity, and can call for attention when used correctly. But yellow on its own can often be glaring, so pair it with a dark-colored text for contrast.

Black – Modern, classic, and versatile. Black can be used to convey many emotions depending on the colors that compliment it. It’s also often used to emphasize drama and excitement and represents authority.

There are several approaches you can take when choosing a color for your brand, especially if you plan on creating customized graphics. Turn to Chief Graphix if you’re a business owner and need custom signage for your brand! When it comes to custom branding, Chief Graphix is your one-stop-shop for high quality products and professional consulting services.

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