When opening a restaurant, the first thing you’re thinking of is the way you’ll lay it out for your customers, right? Well, ok, maybe the menu and a few other things are on your mind as well, but they’re all important! Your new food critics are going to be looking at everything from the floor to the menu boards, and it’s imperative that they’re all on point for the first few visits — after all, first impressions are everything. With custom restaurant graphics, you can give your customers a modern, inviting experience they’ll never forget!

Custom wall Graphics

Menu Boards

What’s easier than being able to change up your menu board when you want to? If the special of the day changes, don’t spend hours writing it in chalk in a barely legible color. Magnetic signs can be applied and taken off wherever they adhere to the proper surface. Additionally, you can alter prices this way. Should anything change, you can move around the prices of your items without making corrections that look tacky, or buying a completely new sign — it’s a win-win!

Custom Tables

It’s never a bad idea to remind your customers of where they are. Vinyl graphics on the table give them something to look at while they eat, and it gives your establishment a bit of separation from everyone else — especially if you want to advertise. They’re already sitting down and eating, so why not throw something there for them to read? Maybe your monthly appetizer or house drink options. The smallest additions can lead to the biggest payoffs.

If your restaurant is in need of a revamp, consider these options. From the smallest additions to full-scale custom signage, Chief Graphix can turn your old burger joint into the elegant dining experience you’ve always wanted; Just save us a plate or two.

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