Make Children Want to Wear a Helmet
It’s summertime, which means you’re probably spending plenty of sunny afternoons outdoors with your children riding bikes and rollerblading. Though these activities are a ton of fun, they can also be dangerous if your children are not properly protected. Are your kids giving you a hard time about wearing their helmet? Here are a few tips to make convincing your child to wear their helmet less of a struggle:

Start them early. Have your child wear a helmet from the very first time they ride a bike or strap on skates. Whether their first ride is on a tricycle, or on the back of an adult’s bike, making the correlation between riding and wearing a helmet early-on will help form safe riding habits in the future.

Explain the consequences. Children are more curious than anything, so explaining the “why” of something always helps! Frame bicycles as vehicles of transportation not toys, drawing a parallel between helmets and seat belts, and point out the dangers of brain injury that can come from riding without a helmet. Be sure to remind them that even professional athletes wear helmets!

Lead by example. As a parent, you are your child’s number one role model. Everything they learn, they learn it from you, so by wearing a helmet yourself you are showing them what they should do.

Make it a fashion statement. Helmets are often boring looking, but they don’t have to be. Letting your child design their dream helmet will make them more likely to want to wear it. They can decorate their helmet with stickers or bedazzle it with gems, but the best way to make your child’s helmet stand out is with a custom helmet wrap from Chief Graphix!

At Chief Graphix, we understand how important it is for your child to be safe and sound while enjoying fun in the summer sun. No matter what your child desires, our expert designers can work with you both to incorporate all of their favorites into an awesome custom helmet!

For more information about how you can beautify your child’s helmet this summer call 516-883-SIGN. together we’ll have your child wearing their helmet proudly in no time!

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