Oftentimes, companies are nervous to rebrand their image — and with good reason! Will customers come back? Will they welcome the change? These are all things to be weary of, and of course, they’re going to run through your head. But with the right tactics, brands can not only benefit from such a change, but they can retain all of their customers while embracing the new look.

Rebranding Tips For You

New Logo

In theory, it’s a good idea to keep some of the accents that were involved with your logo prior to the change. Think about the colors — it’s probably a good idea to keep the two main colors if anything. The others can supplement the new look, but it’s important that although you’re changing, your look doesn’t have to be unrecognizable by everyone who walks by. They should be able to infer that it’s still the same old you, just updated!

Advertise It

Don’t be quiet about change, embrace it! Let people know that you’re considering the new look. Even though they may not be comfortable with the change in total, let them know that you’re confident about the new look and you’re ready to continue your business. Offering a coupon might be a good way to get them in the store, or on your site. Custom banners, signs, and other promotional items are also great ways to introduce your new look to the world.

When the time is right for a rebrand, it’s a good idea to have everything at the ready. Chief Graphix is here to provide you with custom signage, vehicle wraps, and much more.
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