When it comes to construction sites, there are many different sign options and requirements to keep in mind. Sure, those tall fences or perimeter boards make a great canvas for business advertising, but they also serve as a platform for posting necessary safety precautions and information that is required by state and federal regulation. Here are a few of the reasons why adhering to sign posting regulations on a job site is so important to both your company and the people within the community that you’re providing construction services to:

Construction Site Signs

Adhere or Cause Harm: If you fail to post signage informing the public about the presence of construction, you run the risk of causing injury to innocent bystanders. Posting informational signs to announce that construction is underway, as well as warning signs and prohibition signs, helps to deter people from wandering into a construction site. You should also make sure to post signage in and around job sites that can potentially produce hazardous waste, keeping health in mind.

Risk Taking the Blame: In the event that someone does wander onto your construction site, whether accidentally or on purpose, posting the proper signs will help to keep you in the clear from being held accountable for any injuries that they sustain. However, if you fail to post warning signs, you are legally responsible and may be charged with negligence. So, make sure all of your bases are covered and get those signs up! It will save others’ lives and save you the headache of dealing with legal fees.

Employee Safety: Not only are signs needed to alert the public of ongoing construction, but they are necessary for reminding employees to take safety precautions while on the job. Construction is a dangerous business so notifying your employees of any safety hazards is imperative. You must make sure to post signage in areas where hard hats, goggles and other safety gear is required, as well as signs indicating areas of high risk due to heavy machinery usage.

As you can see, construction signage is extremely important to any job site. At Chief Graphix, we can provide you with permit signs, safety signs, barrier banners and more. Whatever you need to get the job done safely, efficiently, and in adherence with regulated construction codes, we’ve got you covered. To learn more about our signage options, click here or call 516-883-SIGN.

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