Your graphics should mean something in terms of how they’re seen from different mediums. On TV, they’re meant to be bright and attention grabbing, with voices and music to spark your interest. With other forms of advertising, these luxuries aren’t available, so it’s important to capitalize on everything you possibly can in order to make the best impression. For graphics seen ‘on the go’, there are a few things that should be noted in order to create the best possible chance at converting the audience.

Graphics & What You Need To Know


The design of your graphic has to be spot on before it’s shown to thousands of people. In order to do this, take a step back and ask yourself what the goal at hand is. Are you trying to generate phone calls? What about website traffic? If these things are on your list of goals, it’s important to understand that you’ll need to showcase the important aspects of the graphic. In these cases, the phone number and website should be focal points of your graphic, in legible fonts. This way, in the few seconds that your graphic is seen, information can be retained, rather than just looked at.


Keep in mind that people won’t necessarily be attracted to a black & white image with minimal visual appeal. Combat the run of the mill advertising tactics and include some bright colors. For something as large as a vehicle wrap, a bright color background can essentially change the color of the car and grab the attention of those who see it. From there, use contrasting colors to display your logo, contact information, and other things necessary to project the message you are shooting for.

Your business deserves the professional touch. At Chief Graphix, we can provide this for you in any way you need. From the design process to the execution of your custom signage, we’re the one-stop shop for everything your business needs.

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