Fleet wraps

In today’s world, there is a new form of advertising. It involves the use of a custom-designed layer of vinyl and installing it onto the outside of your business’s fleet of vehicles so that your company is advertised by simply driving around town or making service calls. The American Trucking Association found that 98% of consumers find this form of advertising effective and believe that fleet graphics create a positive image for their business. Fleet graphics have been found to be more impactful than any other forms of outdoor media for the following reasons:

  • Visibility: Fleet graphics work 24 hours a day. While not in motion, vehicles can be parked in high visibility areas of your property to get as much exposure as possible.
  • Targeting: Most fleet vehicles remain in a specific area or within a certain region of the country. The graphics that are used on the vehicles can be customized to appeal to a particular demographic within that region and the designs can be different depending upon where the vehicles will travel.
  • Longevity: There have been several advances in material and adhesive technology which allow for flexibility in fleet wraps. There are temporary adhesives that allow for easier removal and more permanent adhesives for a more durable and long-lasting look.
  • Vehicle fleet wraps grab your customers’ attention and reach a wider audience.
  • People easily remember the graphics and message.
  • It reaches a local and more targeted audience.
  • It is non-invasive, cost-effective and can easily fit your advertising budget. Fleet wraps provide up to 16 million visual impressions. There are no other advertising options that offer a lower cost per impression value.
  • It offers vehicle protection and lasts as long as you desire.
  • Depending on the type of design, wrapping your fleet vehicles can help you brand your service or product. Your vehicles are instantly recognizable and will get attention on and off the road. It will make you look bigger, better established and reinforce your brand identity.

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