Vehicle wrap

Vehicle wraps are a great way to get your brand out there and start getting new customers rolling in. They are an effective way to put your personal vehicle to work for your small or medium-sized business. Designing a vehicle wrap is an important part of the process. Here is a list of do’s and dont’s for vehicle wrap design:


  • Take photos of the vehicle that’s being wrapped and compare the photos to your template.
  • Talk with your installation team to make sure that the design is achievable.
  • Remember that your vehicle will be viewed from all sides, so make sure the design covers all sides of the vehicle.
  • Place smaller text in smooth, flat areas.
  • Use fonts that can be clearly read from a distance.


  • Design before getting a vehicle template and photos of the vehicle that’s being wrapped.
  • Assume that the entire vehicle can be wrapped.
  • Assume your vehicle will always be viewed straight on.
  • Place smaller text over grooves or creases on the vehicle.
  • Use a font just because it looks trendy.

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