vehicle wraps

In today’s business environment, vehicle wrapping is one of the most economical marketing choices you can make. Although this is a relatively new form of advertising, there are already pre-conceived ideas about the advantages and disadvantages of wrapping your vehicle. The following list will set the record straight regarding vehicle wrapping:

  • Vehicle wrapping damages paint: Actually, vehicle wrapping protects paint. If the paint is in good condition, a wrap will prevent the vehicle from damaging UV rays, dents and scratches from dirt, resin, particles and other environmental hazards. Before wrapping, Chief Graphix inspects your vehicle to assess if the paint is damaged in any area as the damage may make it more difficult to remove vehicle wrapping from that area. You can then make an informed decision regarding your decision to wrap the vehicle.
  • You are not allowed to wrap a leased vehicle: There are companies that lease their vehicle or fleet of vehicles and bring them directly for wrapping. Vinyl wrapping over factory paint can be easily removed without leaving any damage.
  • You will have problems removing vehicle wraps: Vehicle wraps are designed to be removable. Millions of dollars have been invested in researching and developing the most effective wrapping solutions for the market. Much of this research has been dedicated to the clean removal of the wrap within the product warranty period. With just a small amount of heat, vehicle wrap vinyl will cleanly lift away from the vehicle.
  • Putting graphics on windows is unsafe: Window vinyl is perforated with tiny holes that allow you to see out as well as seeing from a window that is uncovered. For safety reasons, the front windshield and the front driver and passenger windows are usually left uncovered.
  • Vehicle wraps are too expensive: Compared to traditional paid advertising on a cost per impression basis, vehicle wrapping is more cost-effective than radio, print, billboards and television. Companies do not have to pay for air time or ad space because your vehicle delivers the message for you. It is important for a business to see vehicle wrapping as a five-year investment in building your brand and lead generation, although successful results from wrap advertising can be seen almost immediately.

It is crucial to invest in a professional and highly experienced company like Chief Graphix to ensure your advertising budget stretches as far as possible and you get the best return on your investment. Whether you are interested in interior graphics, custom wraps, large format prints or custom sign design, Chief Graphix has the most up-to-date technology, knowledgeable staff, creative design team and unparalleled customer service in the market. Don’t wait! See what Chief Graphix has to offer. Call us at 866-400-0305 or email We are ready to help you reach your business goals.

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