The characteristics of a good vehicle wrap design are rarely seen on the road today. This explains why many vehicle wraps are failures from an advertising perspective. This can be primarily attributed to a lack of knowledge, education, and training. At Chief Graphix, we make it a point to stay informed about the latest technology and the newest materials and products available to provide our clients with the best and most creative vehicle wrap designs. Every person on our staff is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and to producing the best quality products possible. We are proud to share the top five rules for effective vehicle wrap designs.

Always start with a great brand.
One of the main reasons why so many vehicle wraps fail from a marketing perspective is that the business has an ineffective brand identity and logo. The brand should always be the primary message for a vehicle wrap.

Avoid using photos.
Photos do not provide brand identity. They do not connect you with the business name. Using more powerful brand integration is more effective. Photos might work fine for national chains as their brand is already well known. However, small businesses don’t have this luxury.

Limit your list.
There are just a few things a good vehicle wraps design needs, including a strong brand implementation, a tagline, a web address and a phone number. It is better to convey a few memorable takeaways than have twenty things and have none of them remembered.

Prioritize the design.
The vehicle wrap advertising market is filled with visual noise. Something with impact and something that the viewer can actually read and remember stands out better.

Keep it simple and obvious.
If the target viewer needs to work too hard to figure out the brand messaging, it’s a lost opportunity. Consider one thing that you want your viewer to take away and make sure that the vehicle wrap effectively communicates that one thing above all.

Chief Graphix’s in-house graphic design team offers professional creative solutions for all your vehicle wrap needs. Using the latest technology, materials, and products, we will develop a long-lasting vehicle wrap designed just for you. Our customer service is second to none. Call us at 866-400-0305 or

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