vehicle wrap

A vehicle wrap is a low cost, but high impact method of advertising using adhesive vinyl on your vehicle or fleet of vehicles. It reaches consumers that are not commonly exposed to advertising on television, radio, internet or newspaper. It is estimated that 96% of North Americans travel in some sort of vehicle each week as a driver or passenger. In comparison, a display ad in the Yellow Pages can cost $12,000 annually, depending on the size. With mobile advertising, you can deliver the information to your target audience in a unique and effective way. At Chief Graphix, it is the most cost-effective option to get the high impact that a vehicle wrap can offer.

Research has been able to determine the effectiveness of mobile billboards, or fleet advertising, through studying the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) installed in trucks and traffic counts. A study was done by the Traffic Audit Bureau that authenticates the circulation of out-of-home advertising such as billboards. In this study, one wrapped truck reached approximately 40,585 people a day in Chicago, whereas a billboard in Chicago reaches approximately 48,000 people. Although this is comparable, the cost of fleet advertising is half that of traditional outdoor advertising.

Unlike billboard advertising, vehicle wrap advertising goes to where the people are. One wrap can make an impression on people at a park, shopping mall, local restaurant or on the highway. A recent poll demonstrated that:

  • 90% of travellers notice graphics on wrapped vehicles
  • 75% of consumers form impressions about a business based on vehicle graphics
  • 30% of consumers base their buying decisions on impressions they have received from wrap vehicles

These numbers show that we are a visual society. Effective advertising and marketing understands how we absorb information and uses this information to appeal to our primary sense.

Turn your vehicle into the best advertisement for your business. You will see impressive results when you get Chief Graphix to wrap your vehicles. With a team of full-time designers, multiple printers, expert installers and a large garage, we do all wraps in house. Chief Graphix is your one stop shop for all your advertising needs. Call 866-400-0305, email or stop by any time.

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